Te Maru o Rereahu Trust AGM


 Nominations are being called for the seven vacant Trust positions at the Annual General Meeting to be held at Te Ahoroa Marae on 29 September 2012. Nominators must be a registered member of Te Maru o Rereahu Trust.  In accordance with the Trust Deed no person can be appointed as a Trustee if they would be disqualified from being a director of a company pursuant to Section 151 (2) of the Companies Act 1993

I, ______________________________________________________  hereby nominate
(Full Name)

    ________________________________________________________   as a Trustee to
(Full Name) 

Te Maru o Rereahu Trust. (Nominators must be a registered member of the Trust)

Dated this __________________day of _______________________  2012

Signed      ___________________________________________________


I, ________________________________________________________ hereby accept the above nomination.
(Full Name / Must be 18 years or over)

Dated this __________________day of _______________________ 2012

Signed      ___________________________________________________


(Please note: Nominations close at 5pm on Thursday 27 September 2012. Forms must be received at the Maraeroa C offices by that time and date to be eligible for the elections)

Administration Use Only

Nominations received by close off date?                 Yes/No          Initial          
Nominator confirmed as a registered member?         Yes/No          Initial

Posted: Mon 03 Sep 2012