Claim History

The WAI 630 Claim was initally lodged by Uncle Charlie Wehi.  The mantle to progress the claim was handed to Piripi Crown on Uncle Charlie's passing, and Piripi remains the registered claimant today. 

The original claim was a comprehensive claim for and on behalf of Rereahu. 
The WAI 630 claim today, is currently represented in two parts:


Claim for the Maraeroa A & B Blocks, on behalf of the original owners in the blocks, from the record of the    Maori Land Court 1886 & 1891.  References made relating to "The A & B blocks" relate to this portion of the WAI 630 claim. 

Beneficiaries to this part of the claim are those listed on the Tipuna list from the records referred to above.  To identify if you are a potential beneficiary to this claim, please contact our office on 0800 225 625 for a copy of the list and registration form.


The remainder of the WAI630 claim, where there may be cross claimant issues, will be dealt with under the comprehensive claim of the Maniapoto Te Rohe Potae claimant group.