• Te Maru o Rereahu Trust Hui for new Trustees to make way forward for negotiation with Crown on Wai Claims
    Posted: Tuesday 9 September 2008
  • Ngati Rereahu Hui-a-Iwi to advise iwi current status and to seek support from iwi for the way forward and nominate new Trustees.
    Posted: Saturday 16 August 2008
  • New Trustees nominated, Mandates reconfirmed by iwi (see copy of draft minutes)
    Posted: Saturday 16 August 2008
  • Work undertaken to date includes; Treaty Claim facilitation, Event management, Secretarial Services and General Administration
    Posted: Friday 1 August 2008
  • TMoRT makes a submission on the CNI settlement and attends CNI hui in Whanganui
    Posted: Friday 6 June 2008
  • Letter from Treasury advising on the CNI settlement and seeking a meeting with Ngati Rereahu about their interests in the CNI 10% for non-collective Iwi
    Posted: Wednesday 30 April 2008
  • TMoRT contracted Maraeroa Administration Services to provide Project Management (G Katu) & Financial & Administration Services (D Pearse)
    Posted: Tuesday 1 April 2008