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You may be a  beneficiary
to the WAI630 claim.

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  • Te Maru o Rereahu Trust are the mandated body established to support the principal claimant (2000) Piripi Crown, in processing the WAI 630 claim, originally lodged by Charlie Wehi
  • The original Rereahu claims committee were elected on 9 December 2000 at a Rereahu Hui-a-Iwi called and held at Waitaramoa
  • The trustees elected to progress the claim through to Deed of Mandate stage were:  Brian Stanley, Jonathan Kilgour, Helene Crown, David tutaki, Hine Moana plus Tom Moke
  • The trustees were formerly confirmed by Kaumatua on the 15th of September 2001 at a Rereahu Hui-a-Iwi
  • The TMoRT Trust Deed was approved and filed
  • Piripi Crown entered into discussions with others of Rereahu to progress the WAI630 claim\
  • The current trustees who were nominated at a Hui-a-Iwi held September 2008 are:
    • Piripi Crown:     Principal Claimant / Trustee / Negotiator / Historian
      Brian Stanely:   Chairman / Trustee / Negotiator         
      Glen Katu:         Project Manager / Trustee /  Negotiator
      Trustees:          Taongahuia Maxwell,  Edward Emery,  
                              Tutahanga Teepu,  Murdoch PahiThe original

The Trust was established to:

  • Seek redress with the Crown for grievances perpetuated against Rereahu 
  • Seek funding to assist with this purpose 
  • Hold in trust and apply all funding and other property associated with the claim  
  • Do all such things as are necessary to assist the claim process 

 Our Commitment is:

  • To maintain Rereahu Tikanga
  • To foster manaakitanga, whanaungatanga and aroha
  • To implement a Communications Strategy and communicate regularly with Ngati Rereahu whanau, marae and registered members
  • To maintain a professional work ethic
  • To engage professional advisers when required